Fabric Care Guide


Our entire shirting range is made from cotton-rich fabrics. Where we use a poly blend, our fabric (65% polyester and 35% cotton) is designed to be comfortable on the skin, easy to wash and iron. Our 100% cotton fabrics are of the highest quality for both male and female.


  • Machine wash, in cold or warm water (avoid hot) • Unbutton shirt before washing
  • Keep bright vibrant by washing inside out • Wash dark and light colours separately
  • Do not tumble dry •
  • Dry in shade
  • Do not soak or bleach for extended periods of time
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and choose a gentle detergent
  • We suggest you avoid dry cleaning – ask your dry cleaner to launder your shirts instead of dry cleaning


  • Iron on cotton setting and ensure there is water in the iron
  • To assist with ironing, spray with cold water before ironing
  • Iron collar flat on the ironing board, wrong side up, and press from outer point towards the centre of the collar. Turn collar over to repeat
  • Press the sleeves beginning with the inside of the cuff then the outside.
  • Hold the collar and cuff taut so they don’t crease
  • Hang shirts, preferably on wooden hanger


Our entire blouse is a premium weight fabric of 100% cotton (65% polyester, 35% cotton) and is also easy to wash and iron

How to care for your blouse
• Machine wash shirt in cold or warm water, or hand wash
• Do not dry clean
• Wash darks and lights separately
• Do not tumble dry
• Do not soak for extended periods of time
• Do not bleach
• If ironing is needed, iron on a cool setting


Our custom polo and t-shirt range is also cotton with a small component of stretch. Our brand polo range has been designed with fabric quality at the forefront, a standard fit with 200/210 GSM Heavyweight Fabric with great color fastness and easy care. Being a cotton stretch fabric, the polo has the tendency to stretch if not treated with care and to shrink if placed in the dryer.

How to care for your Polo

• Wash dark colours separately
• Warm or cold machine wash • Do not bleach
• Do not tumble dry
• Do not dry clean
• Cool iron if required
• Screen printing

NOTE: Please note that If your polo or T-shirt has been screen-printed, it is definitely not dry cleanable. You can follow the same care instructions as above. When ironing, do not iron over the transfer or screen print as the heat of the iron will melt the transfer.


Our trouser and skirt suiting pieces are designed with ease and comfort in mind. Fabrics all have a small content of stretch for comfort and are polyester.

How to care for your trousers and skirt
• Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle
• Hand washable
• Dry cleanable, but preferably ask to launder instead
• Do not soak
• Do not tumble dry
• Hang in shade to dry – sun will fade the fabric
• If there is a small stain on your bottoms, use a clean damp cloth and gently blot to remove the stain
• A cool setting is required when ironing


Our jackets are designed with ease and comfort in mind. Fabrics all have a small content of stretch for comfort – with some fabrics being a full polyester blend, 100% cotton and another line a wool/polyester blend. All fabrics can be cared for in the same way.

A jacket does not require frequent washing – as you are always wearing something underneath, cleaning isn’t always necessary. Air your jacket out after each wear on coat hanger. Under no circumstance should you wash a jacket – it will need to be dry cleaned at all times. If you get a slight stain out try and blot it out with a clean towel or napkin dipped in soda water.

How to care for your Jackets

  • Do not machine or hand wash
  • Dry clean only
  • Do not soak 
  • Do not tumble dry 
  • If there is a small stain on your bottoms, use a clean damp cloth and gently blot to remove the stain
  • Don’t iron, instead steam your jacket.
  • If you don’t have steamer hang in bathroom during a hot shower to steam out any wrinkles.
  • Always hang on a hanger with wider shoulders – do not use thin hangers or wire coat hangers as it will warp the shoulders 

Be informed that our fabrics qualifies with the standard testing by Inditex and competes with foreign brands.

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