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The huge impact of Covid 19 towards schools in the world have affected the school uniform industry.

However, some of the changes have stylishly introduced some new trends suitable for periods like these.

Nowadays, students want to dress up the best in their school uniforms with their protective trend. They intentionally match up their facemasks with the color/material of their school uniforms to stand in grand style.

The schools are also not left behind as they choose modern attire to offer a smart dressing option to their students and still look amazing even now.

Here are the top 5 school uniform trends for 2021:

  1. Pleated Skirts:

The 2021 trend for skirts is the “Pleats”. They are stylish and give a complete uniform vibe. The pleats are designed for comfort.


  1. Weather Appropriate Trousers/Shorts:

Simply the trend for 2021. They are designed to suit the Nigeria season. The shorts and trousers come in elastic bands or expandable waist.


  1. Zip Up Front/Buckle Pinafore:

It’s the Zip and Buckles for us. These two are like icing on the cake. These details give the pinafores a trendy look and feel.

For the Buckle Pinafore, the front and back pleats as well as the side Zip closure sits pretty in 100% polyester.

The Marcel Hughes Zip Front Pinafore comes up with all round box pleats, heart shaped zipper as well as side button tabs. It’s simply perfect with 65% polyester and 35% Viscose.


  1. Branded Facemasks:

These are specifically branded for each school as they fit into the Covid 19 fashion trend.

You don’t want to look boring with plain facemasks. With your school uniform colors and having it branded makes it different yet trendy.

Get your branded facemasks here


  1. Peter Pan Blouses:

This is #1 best seller in Girl’s School Uniform shirts and will be in trend for a long period of time. They don’t also look fashionable but are school blouses that will last longer than the school year only if they are Marcel Hughes made as they are durable and comfortable on the skin.

It is finely made with cotton/polyester. N0 matter the colors the MH Peter Pan blouses always tend to stand out.

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